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Re: about a feature which I found in Gnome

On Thu, Aug 06, 2009 at 10:48:12AM -0600, Paul E Condon wrote:
> I run Gnome on my desktop. I have only a minimal understanding of its
> internals. In it, I have seen a feature that I really like, - and
> several features that I really don't like.
> The features that I don't like are motivating me to consider moving to
> a different, less featureful, desktop environment. But I have no idea
> how to set up the one feature that I really like:
> I like the way I can plug a USB device into a USB socket and have it
> mounted automatically within a few seconds. I expecially like the way
> a device that has a label given to it is mounted on a mount-point that
> is named with that label, and when I un-mount the device that mount
> point is removed from /media - all automatically.
> What are the packages that actually implement this feature? Can I
> simply install those packages and have the feature without having the
> rest of Gnome? Does it come automatically if I attempt to transition
> to Xfce, for example? I'm pretty sure the feature also comes with KDE,
> but that, I think, is unlikely to be free of un-desired features.
> A feature of Gnome that I especially really really don't like is the
> use of multiple different names for the same thing in the user
> documentation. I have lost count of the different variations on
> network-manager that appear on the screen and in the docs. Not good,
apt-get install gnome-volume-manager

then call it at the start of your session like this:

/usr/lib/gnome-volume-manager/gnome-volume-manager -d yes

Somebody mentioned XFCE and Thunar as another way to do this easily, but not
automatically.  I'd also recommend LXDE and PCManFM.  LXDE is the desktop
environment, PCManFM is the file manager, but they don't need to be used
together if you don't want.  (I use PCManFM with Fluxbox).


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