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Re: about a feature which I found in Gnome

On Jo,06.aug.09, 10:48:12, Paul E Condon wrote:

> I like the way I can plug a USB device into a USB socket and have it
> mounted automatically within a few seconds. I expecially like the way
> a device that has a label given to it is mounted on a mount-point that
> is named with that label, and when I un-mount the device that mount
> point is removed from /media - all automatically.
> What are the packages that actually implement this feature? Can I
> simply install those packages and have the feature without having the
> rest of Gnome? Does it come automatically if I attempt to transition
> to Xfce, for example? I'm pretty sure the feature also comes with KDE,
> but that, I think, is unlikely to be free of un-desired features.

Xfce with hal will not mount automatically (unless you configure thunar 
like this), but will create an icon on your desktop which you can use to 
mount/umount the device.

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