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Re: wi-fi security?

On 05 Aug 2009, Michael Ekstrand wrote:
> > 
> > The easiest way is to use network-manager.  If you click on the Icon
> > in your toolbar it should show you the detected networks.  You can use
> > the "Create New Wireless Network..." or "Connect to Hidden Wireless
> > Network..." to set up connections.
> I second the recommendation for network-manager.  If you don't want it
> for some reason (e.g. you're allergic to Gnome dependencies), wicd is a
> useful alternative.  I have also had decent success with wifi-radar some
> time ago.

When I installed network-manager a week ago it blocked wired access to my
router. I expect I could have reconfigured it in some way but it turned
out to be unnecessary for my purpose so I removed it and everything
worked normally again. This isn't an argument against using
network-manager, just a warning of something to look out for.


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