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dpkg -i question


I've started using dpkg in the company I work for now. Before that I
was not familiar with the tool.
My question is in regard to the fact when/how are files installed in
/etc/default when I run 'dpkg -i pkg.deb'.

What I've observed is that missing or modified file in /etc/default is
never installed or replaced, even when missing on the filesystem and
present in the deb package. If file in /etc/default is missing it can
be forced with 'dpkg --force-all -i pkg.deb', that works. This is not
the case for eg. files placed in /opt/bin (the same package).

I guess that there is a resonable explanatin for this and that is what
I'm looking for.

PS. I can provide more info about the package if needed and complete fail case.

Thank you,

.. the more I see the less I believe.., AE AoR

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