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Re: Musings on debian-user list

Chris Jones writes:
> If you need the editor, a shell, a debugger, and a log tail displaying
> concurrently on the one physical screen to achieve what you are
> working one faster and more effectively, fine.

No, _not_ one physical screen.  I have poor eyesight but a good memory
so I usually keep to one thing per pane.  However, I can keep all the
related stuff on one "desk" and switch to it when I want to work on
that project.  The metaphor is a stack of 4x4 arrays of panes where each
pane is what you think of as a desktop.  Everything on desk 0 has to do
with Chrony, everything on desk 1 has to do with music theory,
everything on desk 2 has to do with the Web site, etc.  Even after
several days of not touching the music theory stuff when I switch to
that desk I have no trouble remembering that Solfege is in the upper
right pane.

> But never mind, what I really was saying is that I'm as much of an
> idiot as the next guy for wasting huge amounts of time to set up,
> modify, etc.  my computing interface..

Mine has gradually evolved over the last 15 years.  It's been a long
time since I made any significant changes.
John Hasler

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