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Re: Virtualbox Lenny Guest - Screen resize and Seamless mode

Alex Samad wrote:
On Mon, Aug 03, 2009 at 04:33:32PM -0500, Mark Allums wrote:
Chris wrote:
On Monday 03 August 2009, goran@dobosevic.com wrote:
Chris wrote:
I am trying to get Screen resize and Seamless mode working on Lenny guest


Lets see if anyone has it working! I have some SIDUX guests (09-01, 09-02) that work...
I have the same problem. An update to xorg occuring at approximately the same time as an upgrade of VirtualBox has caused VBox to turn off dynamic resizing, and nothing I can think of will bring it back. Editing xorg.conf is futile. Reinstalling the additions does nothing. The screen resolutions allowed are 800x600 or 640x480. It is very frustrating.

have you tried hostkey + g (hostkey being r-ctrl), I find sometimes VB
gets stuck and you have to press ctrl+g a few times

My host display is 1920x1200.

In Vista, with Squeeze/Sid as guest, the guest desktop is displayed normally, at 800x600, in a Vista window. Manually resizing the window, by dragging with the mouse to something larger, works, except the desktop doesn't expand with the window. The desktop stays at 800x600, centered in the middle of the expanded window. Other Guest Additions features work, to a degree. The mouse does not behave quite right. Before the change, moving the mouse in and out of the window was transparent to the user. Now, the cursor leaves a ghost behind when it exits the window. It auto-captures, but it is not fully functional.

Seamless mode is a disaster.

When it goes into full screen mode, the desktop stays 800x600, and sits in the center of a black screen.

It behaves as if it doesn't understand the true monitor size. It doesn't believe that there is a physical display larger than 800x600. Setting modes in xorg.conf does not help.

Mark Allums

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