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Re: HOWTO enhance Debian by removing HAL

On Sun, 2 Aug 2009 16:08:10 +0200
Siggy Brentrup <debian@psycho.i21k.de> wrote:

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> > Perhaps a BSD would be more to his liking.
> Were we talking about Linux or about unixoid OSes?

The point he's making is simply that the BSD's might be a better way to
having been a BSD'er I can relate to the comment - I chose to move
away from the weekly ritual of having to upgrade, fix, test, tweak,
sigh, recheck, and maybe get to spend some time relaxing on that
Friday night with a few hours left before sun-up. 

> > What he seems to fail to understand is that with Free
> > Software he has the power to make the system *exactly* how he wishes
> > unlike the proprietary system he suggests some of us should use.
> Yes, even if it means to back out X's dependency on the almost dead
> HAL.  I'm not yet fully decided, but I might even be inclined to help
> him forking a more back to the roots Debian (without bash essential).
> Don't get me wrong, IMHO Ubuntu is going the right way to reach
> Joe.Luser and I tend to see it as kind of a fork of Debian
> addressing a certain clientel.  What I don't like to see is
> Debian following the same route by depriving a sysadmin of his
> freedom to decide which daemons to run.

Curious way of viewing that. If the admin still has the ability of
REMOVING (in this case, HAL) then how is this viewed as a deprivation
of freedom?! 

To me, the freedom is still there. I now have the freedom of either
removing it or leaving it. The choice is still mine.

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