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Re: Back up routines

I am toying with livedrive which is an ecomomical storage site. It caters to 
the windows crowd but, partly at my nagging, set up ftp access. I now nag them 
for rsync :-)

The problem with ALL of these is upload speeds. The large backup needs the 
rockest solidest connection to simply get done. Curlftpfs, mirrordir and other 
ftp clients will hangup not-so-nicely on disconnects and IO errors. Upload 
speeds are capped by many providers to like 50kbs (or worse) and a wav file or 
large database will simply not make it over. Start the backup, go home, find 
the thing hung in the morning. Cannot just set it and forget it.

So, sneakernet with an el-cheapo portable HD ends up being the only way.

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