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RE: Inquiry: How to set the crontab job permanently

> Dear All
> We have set a new scheduled task through crontab job list , as the
followings :
> #crontab -e
> 30 23 * * * cp ~www/db_backup/cdr/cdrFromMSC* /tmp
> It is functioning correctly but we will loose it after server reboot . Can
you please let us know how we can set it permanently even after server
reboot ?
> Regards
> H.Motamedi

I just verified on my system that jobs created with "crontab -e" are
remembered across reboots.  "crontab -e" creates the crontab files under
/var/spool/cron/crontabs.  Make sure that directory isn't getting wipred out
on reboot.

crontab -e is for creating "user" cron jobs.
"System" cron jobs are best placed in one of the /etc/cron.* directories.
If you want it to run daily, (at 6:25 AM), just create a new shell script in
/etc/cron.daily with the commands you want run at that time.  If you want
more control over what time of day it runs, etc, create a new file in
Hope this helps!

-- Kevin

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