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Re: request for a mono vote.

O/H Michael Ekstrand έγραψε:
Πρεκατές Αλέξανδρος wrote:
As a dedicated  debian user i want to express my concerns and worries
regarding mono inclusion in main
and i  ask for a vote for mono in non-free/main because:

1) I feel like microsoft is not clear about the license issues.
2) MS is a monopoly in desktop OS market and its monopoly aggresive
behavior has been proven
in courts and is evident every day. see netbook market for example.
Wouldnt a pro-ms pro-monopoly  move harm the excellent name Debian has
3) Is essential to me and the way i perceive the debian identity to has
a clear position out of middleware rivalries of
multinationals companies not favoring or taking sides.

None of these provide an argument for Mono itself being non-free.
Unnamed and unexecuted threats of patent aggression don't count.  So far
as I know, the only cases where software is omitted from main for patent
reasons is when they use patents for which infringement is actively
being prosecuted (see MP3 encoding).  This has not yet happened with Mono.

The other issues are not relevant  Software's inclusion should be based
on the software itself, not organizations it may or may not be
affiliated with.  Otherwise Debian should kick out Samba too.

I am not saying anything about the good or bad of Mono.  I am merely
stating that there is not sufficient cause to take it out of Debian main
at this point given the historical precedents of Debian.  And that there
is not sufficient cause to expend bandwidth to have a vote on the matter.

- Michael

I'm not saying to 'kick someone', i'm arguing about moving in non-free section.
Also i want to remind the USA vs Microsoft case. There judge Jackson spoke
about nascent threats (referring to java+netscape middleware) . (In that case technicaly netscape
wasnt an OS so no harm done from MS!). So i think formally  maybe
you're right and its free software but if you step back and take other angles it's valid to argue seriously about mono being a nascent threat for Debian in many levels and not
only in a strict interpretation of current license issues.

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