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MTA experts: address rewriting depending on next hop

Hi List,

to start with, it's not a vital problem, I only want to fix sth
annoying me.

As quite a number among you, I'm running a LAN connected to
the big world via switched ADSL.

I'm looking for a MTA that is capable of rewriting addresses
*only* on mails that leave the LAN.

In general I'm using postfix as MTA of choice, using generic_map for
address rewriting, but that fires whenever a message leaves the host,
hence I see external addresses even on internal mails.

With postfix a solution would be to run a second instance with it's
own queue for dispatching, passing only outbound messages to the
address rewriting instance.

Here's the question again: which one of the abundance of MTAs in
Debian is capable of address rewriting depending on destination?  

I'm not to lazy to read documentation, but if at all possible not for
all MTAs.

At present that's only an annoyance to me, but I can imagine
situations where a solution might become vital.

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