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Re: startx fails

On Tue, 21 Jul 2009 00:21:03 +0200
franck <franckdufau@free.fr> wrote:

Hello franck,

> >   
> if your xorg.conf is empty try
> Xorg -configure

Thanks for the tip.  Sadly, this didn't help much.   :-(

X did start, but simply gave a blank screen.  Monitor's screen
displayed an error message "Out of Range", meaning the frequencies used
by the gfx card couldn't be handled.  Relevant sections were created in
xorg.conf for device, screen and monitor.  For some reason though,
device driver selected is vesa (I would have expected nv) and board
name is "unknown board".

Changing vesa to nv resulted in X exiting with the error "no devices

Once again, thanks for the assistance.



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