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Re: no fsck?

> You don't have gcc installed.
fixted now

> Indeed: Apparently you [1] installed Debian on a disk that has a
> broken fat file system on it (is that even possible?), then [2] you
> ran fsck while the partition was still mounted. Now [3] you want to
> install more Debian packages.

no, debian is working fine on the laptop
somehow in my early days of linux and openmoko i formatted my microSD
card to fat32. [i think so i could see it on windows?] then while
running tangogps my entire gps track folder got obliterated. so im
trying to get it back. no new data had been written to the card so i
should be ok[?]. i was only thinking that the minimal debian was
limiting what i could run. that does not seem to be the case. i would
just like to get a working recovery program.

> On a side note, you don't need to download and to burn all the DVDs if
> the computer you're installing on has an internet connection. Packages
> not on the installer CD will be downloaded as needed. You don't want
> to install all available packages.

good to know.

ok, now im /really/ going to bed...

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