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RE: To mirror a huge tree...

ron.l.johnson wrote:
> I've been a big FW fan for many years.  My backups, though, have only
> been (because of compression) in the 70-85GB range.

70-85 MB/s (?) using Firewire II (800 Mbps)?  I am able to get ~40 MB/s on Firewire I (400 Mbps).

> But this mirror was 630GB, and along around 600GB, the sbp2 driver
> went squirrely, throwing all sorts of messages to syslog and then
> hanging.


Buggy device drivers are not good...

> USB (that enclosure has both FW & USB jacks) worked fine, though,
> giving me a consistent 30MBps rate the whole time, finishing seconds
> over 6 hours.

Single-device storage capacities have been growing faster than their throughput, which makes for long days.  (I just migrated ~340 GB to a new/old PIII 600 MHz machine with LUKS encryption at ~10 MB/s; 10 hours over the wire, plus more time ironing out wrinkles.)

> eSATA is my next try, when I get the chance.

Same here.  Given the present economy, it will be a while...


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