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Is there a way to preseed UCF questions?

I am upgrading several systems from etch to lenny, and ideally I should be able to preseed every question. The main problem I'm having is with UCF questions (ie should this configuration file be overwritten by the package maintainer's version?).

There are some ucf questions in /var/cache/debconf/config.dat:

Name: ucf/changeprompt
Template: ucf/changeprompt
Value: keep_current
Owners: ucf
 BASENAME = sensors.conf
 FILE = /etc/sensors.conf


Name: ucf/changeprompt
Template: ucf/changeprompt
Value: install_new
Owners: ucf
Flags: seen
 BASENAME = apticron.conf
 FILE = /etc/apticron/apticron.conf

But I don't know if it's possible to preseed these at all, let alone to preseed them in a way that debconf-set-selections will grok.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

As a follow-up, the other questions I've been unable to avoid prompts for is when applications ask which services to restart in order to reload an updated library. These actually have preseed values, but the installers seem to ignore the debconf preseed database. Here are examples of my preseeded values which are I pull in with debconf-set- selections before they are ignored:

libpam0g	libpam0g/restart-services	string cron	
libssl0.9.8	libssl0.9.8/restart-services	string	ntp exim4 ssh

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