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Can VMware ever talk to USB scanners?

I just installed VMware Server 2.0.1 on a Linux host (fresh Lenny install).
The client is Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 2.  I am unable to
connect from the XP client to my USB scanner, an Epson Perfection 2400.

I did install a USB Controller on the VM.  The USB dropdown at the top of the
VI Web Access says "Plugged Into Host".  If the scanner is connected and
powered on, the Devices tab above the XP desktop shows "Seiko Epson EPSON
Scanner".  But if I hit Connect, it fails with a popup that says:

 "Remote USB device error: Remote device disconnected: an error
  occured [sic] while sending data."

The scanner is directly plugged into a host USB port.  I also have a true
XP partition with exactly the same OS (Service Pack 2), and that is able to
use the scanner.  From the VMware virtual machine, a USB inkjet does fine.

Has anyone here gotten a USB scanner to work from VMware 2?  This is in fact
the only reason I upgraded from Server 1.  Server 1 did everything I needed,
except that calling the scanner software crashed the XP virtual machine.  In
other ways, Server 1 was better.  If the scanner still can't work, I'd
probably rather go back to Server 1.  Can Server 1 be made to work with the
2.6.26 kernel?

I posted this question to the VMware forum yesterday and have had no replies
so far.  Thanks.

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