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s2disk no longer working


Suspend to disk has stopped working for me with bleeding edge kernels:

~$ uname -a
Linux lizzie 2.6.31-rc2-wl-lizzie-27873-ga483c23-dirty #4 Thu Jul 9 19:13:30 EDT 2009 i686 GNU/Linux

This is a self-compiled kernel from the wireless-testing git repo.  I
think that the configuration is pretty much the same as my previous
kernels (I initially changed several things in -rc2, but I think that
I've tested kernels with all the significant changes rolled back).

When I do 'hibernate', the system just hangs after switching to the
console and printing 's2disk: snapshotting'.  I notice that the light
on my USB mouse turns off, and the power LED begins to flash red (green
is its normal state), just as during a working suspend.

Has anyone experienced anything like this?  Any suggestions for
debugging, kernel reconfiguration, workarounds, etc.?

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