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Re: Uptimes - any guidance?

AG wrote:
> Hello list
> I'm running Squeeze on a desktop and so far have an uptime of some 11d. 
> I am just curious whether or not there is any guidance/ advice on how
> long uptimes should be allowed to be run, or whether it is wise to shut
> down and reboot?

Are you by chance coming from Windows? ;)

> I'm thinking "wise" as from the perspective of the system and its
> overall functioning, etc.  By way of comparison, I have a headless
> OpenBSD box running nothing but firewall and router and it is a
> workhorse - just keeps on going and going.  I'm sure I have clocked
> uptimes of 90+ days on that without a problem.

Open BSD and Debian are similar in terms of stability. I personally
think OpenBSD is crap and the guy doing it is a totally arrogant jerk,
and not in the self respectable way but that's just me. I use FreeBSD
instead for BSDs as it's closer to the stuff from Berkeley, but anyway,
the only time you should be rebooting ANY OS, is when you're installing
a patch for a Kernel. If you have to reboot for any other reason the OS
you're using is either a bad design, or, something needs to be looked into.
My Slackware FTP server is running SSH, PureFTPd, Apache, and email, and
 right now it has an uptime of like 175 days.

Oh, and, you can actually get around some of those Kernel patch reboots.
I was reading up on one of the docs things that a few tools allow you to
install and use a Kernel patch without rebooting the machine, but I
personally haven't done it yet.

> Any thoughts on this?

I rarely reboot ever. One of the things that made me use Linux and BSD
to begin with was me being tired of rebooting for a MEDIA PLAYER! I
couldn't believe I had to reboot for it, and got fed up. Now, I reboot
only to add hardware. (I use FreeBSD, Slackware, SUSE, Mandriva, Debian,
and Solaris).

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