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Re: is it possible to install a desktop-manager without python and perl?

明覺 <shi.minjue@gmail.com> writes:
> On Mon, Jun 22, 2009 at 5:55 PM, Tzafrir Cohen<tzafrir@cohens.org.il> wrote:
>> On Mon, Jun 22, 2009 at 05:40:20PM +0800, 明覺 wrote:
>>> So does it mean debian determines the use of python and perl?
>> Python? Python is not a dependency. perl-base is. perl is, to a lesser
>> extent.
> gnome depends on python, if other desktop manager doesn't depend on
> it, I will switch to that one.
>>> could you help recommend some distributions that do not need perl or
>>> python? thanks
>> What's your problem with using perl? This is not a rethorical question.
>> Do you have an issue of performance? Disk space? Memory usage? Can you
>> provide some more details about your application?
> no problem with perl, I just want to keep my system simple so that I
> will be able to modify them someday in the future, without learning
> any other programming languages.
> thanks

I like the mindset of wanting to be able to modify the programs on your
computer.  Truly, this is the heart of running a Free Software operating
system.  It is excellent to see a user elevating that desire so high.

Unfortunately for your other constraints, you will be unable to achieve
the goal of a Perl-free system with most distributions.  Many software
developers work in Perl or Python so that they can produce good software
much more quickly than writing everything by hand in C; I choose OCaml
myself for this very reason.  Perl is used for some of the base glue
that holds Debian together.  Even Gentoo, one of the most customizable
distributions around short of LFS, used Python for its package manager
last I knew.  And even in LFS land, you will definitely have shell
scripts, and if you go far enough with it will need Perl and perhaps M4
programs to get things working (IIRC some of the Autotools suite
requires Perl).

So while the goal of being able to modify anything is good, I do not
think it is achievable with the constraint of only C or C++ with
presently-available Linux distributions.

You might try FreeBSD.  Perl and Python are not installed in the base
system; everything in its base system is C, C++, shell/sed/awk, or Make.
Perl and Python will only be installed when you start installing
additional software from its Ports collection that require them.

- Michael

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