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Re: is it possible to install a desktop-manager without python and perl?

>Sebastian Günther wrote:
> * 明覺 (shi.minjue@gmail.com) [22.06.09 03:18]:
>> I want to keep the programs in my system all written in c/c++, no
>> python or perl or any other programming languages, is it possible to
>> reach it? I removed the 2 packages, python and perl, from my system,
>> and of cause, I losed my desktop, is it possible to install a desktop
>> manager without perl and python? which is the proper desktop manager?
>> thanks
> # apt-cache --installed rdepends (perl|python)
> should show you which packages depend on perl resp. python. Then you can 
> decide wether you can live without them.
> Sebastian

But aren't "perl" or "python" packages just metapackages acting like
glue for all the others in the section ? I don't know if removing them
will have any effect on the libs already installed.
And doesn't the package configuration system needs python and/or perl
stuff ?

aptitude search ~S~i~s'(perl|python)'  returns packages that look pretty
low-level stuff to me, most of which I have never installed manually but
were dragged in as dependencies.

Looks like a strange idea to me to run a "one programming language only"
system, it would hint that there's a "one fits all" language and other
are just for decoration purpose... (Well, some may agree I guess ;-) )


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