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Re: what user and password for cups

On 13 Jun 2009, gcrimp@vcn.bc.ca wrote:
> Hi,
> I've just installed cups to manage an HP Laserjet 6P.  It web 
> interface finds the printer everything is peachy until I select 
> a driver and click on "Add Printer".  At that point I am 
> prompted for a username and a password.

Not a direct answer to your question, I'm afraid, but I have always
found cups to be a nightmare. I much prefer lprng + magicfilter, which
is trivially easy to set up and works perfectly for me both for native
and remote printing on the network.

Anthony Campbell - ac@acampbell.org.uk 
Microsoft-free zone - Using Debian GNU/Linux
http://www.acampbell.org.uk (blog, book reviews, 
and sceptical articles)

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