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Re: [OT] The perfect system ...

 >> If I was to plan to build the "perfect" system from scratch, using a
 >> motherboard bundle (with up to 8GB DDR RAM), top line graphics card,
 >> ditto sound card that would allow connection with an external amp to
 >> jive up the sound quality - what might this thing of technological
 >> beauty be?

imo it has do be defined what is a "perfect system" -- a gamer certainly
has something different in mind that the audiophile has. Somebody like
me for example, wants to have fast I/O (Input/Output) into his storage
and simply wants a "storage agnostic" system i.e. managing the storage
totally independent of the OS. So, for me the perfect system has to have
a hardware RAID HBA (Host Bus Adapter) card

Another must-have is a big screen -- at least for me. RAM, yes, enough
but then I mostly never need more than 4GiB even if I have uptimes of
more than a week or so.

Well, I could go on but then imho not buying the 100% possible at a time
but rather upgrading components ever now and then, is cheaper in the
long run and one will have a pretty much high end system at all times.
If the storage can be considered separate, that is all piece of cake.

Here is
http://sunoano.name/ws/public_xhtml/hardware.html#sunos_workstation what
I put on my desk after 8 years of suffering a damn slow notebook :-]

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