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google cal issues, questions re: epiphany, iceweasel, iceowl

I suppose there are 2 issues here...or more...I'm bad at math.

First, no amount of cache clearing, etc., is allowing me to view my google calendar in iceweasel. I've tried to view it in lynx, elinks and w3m, all to no avail, as I might have expected...
So, I want to install another gui browser.
Konqueror wants all kinds of KDE crap that I don't want on my machine,
and, likewise, Galeon wants tonso gnome crap I don't want on my machine (I use ion3, and like to keep things lite). So, I checked out Epiphany, which doesn't seem to have a truckload of depends.

When I do
apt-cache showpkg epiphany
it shows me that epiphany is a web browser (I knew that), and only requires epiphany & epiphany-data
So I did
sudo aptitude install epiphany
(yes, I have sudo) and it got and installed
epiphany epiphany-data
But whereis epiphany shows
and the only epiphany I can find to run is
(much like dig dug or bejewelled, or something, but not helping me get to my google cal).
So, why doesn't
aptitude install epiphany
give me the epiphany web browser?

This is on lenny.

I have IE6 with IE4Linux on here, but I really don't like to use it, except for the one m0r0n client that has an invoicing system that only works with internet exploder. It can, however, access my google calendar, so, I have determined the my google cal issue is definitely with iceweasel. Additionally, no problems accessing same calendar with FF or Seamonkey on my two ubuntu laptops. The iceowl available to me in lenny doesn't support the google provider plugin, and backports isn't offering a newer version (need 0.9, and all I can find is 0.8, which has no support for provider plugin).

I'd really just like to view the calendar online via iceweasel.
Failing that, iceowl would be gro0vy.
Failing that, another browser would be co0l.

I suppose, if I must, I can use the IE6, or install some 3rd party browser from beyond our repos (opera, plain FF), but I'd rather keep with approved debian pkgs whenever possible. I wish Ubuntu had iceweasel and icedove, in all truth, because, aside from the calendar issue, I dig 'em.

free/open source software
tcl yer os with a feather...

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