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Re: How many users will fall for my Disposition-Notification-To?

jidanni said:

> Fellas, what happens when I put a Disposition-Notification-To: me@...
> header at the top of my mail? Yes I know all about the protocol,
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/
> I'm just curious about how many users will "fall" for my
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Web_bug From what I've seen, about half the
> users' computers I send such a header to send back acknowledgements, and
> the other half don't. When I ask the half that do if they noticed
> anything, they say "noticed what?" I haven't asked the half that don't,
> so I'll ask this list instead. Of course I wouldn't put such a header on
> this message, lest I DOS attack myself (as there are many lurkers using
> other leading brand MUAs...). I only put it on when there is some old
> professor who hasn't replied to my mail for a long time, and I want to
> be sure he is still ticking. By the way, I would post to a more
> specialized list but my question is not up to snuff for them. P.S.,
> please give instructions for any of those other leading brand MUA users
> on how to turn off sending acknowledgements, at least without consent.

Sorry, but what is the question you are asking?


"Change requires small steps."

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