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Re: how to retrieve bug reports for all installed packages ?

Peter Jordan a écrit :
> flomine, Thu Jun 04 2009 01:43:32 GMT+0200 (CEST):
>> Hi list,
>> I am using SID and I ask myself if there is a script or something to
>> list all critical bugs  from all installed packages. Maybe a script
>> using apt-listbugs  which retrieves bug reports on all packages present
>> in /var/cache/apt/arhives ? Or using the script  smxi?
>> The purpose is to be notified when critical bugs are reported after I
>> have done an upgrade of a package.
>> Thanks in advance for any idea.
>> flomine
> try rc-alert from devscripts package
> PJ
And is it possible to list bugs only for the version of  the installed 
packages (not for the last versions) ?
I tried rc-alert but it seems not possible to do such thing.

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