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Re: digitilizing audio vinyl records

Bernard wrote:
> I am using 'audacity' under Debian Sarge. At first sight, the results
> seemed OK... but this statement does not stand any challenge with the
> original vinyl records played with an old turntable, even when using
> cheaper audio equipment. Sampling was done at 44100 Hz on 32 bits float,
> then the result was exported to 16 bits wav files and burnt into audio
> CD. Are there any reason to think that the PC audio system matters a lot
> in the quality of results to be expected ?  

Well, there are two parts:
Is the sound card supported by the software?
Is the hardware quality of the sound card sufficient for the recording

>                                             My audio card is part of my
> ASUS P5LD2 SE card (SoundMAX Audio Driver ADI AD1986), but I am not too
> sure that it is correctly installed and correctly operating on my Debian
> system.

I have no experience with your audio card. However, I would guess that
the input quality of the card might be the bottleneck. Input quality is
worse than output quality for most 'consumer' cards.

> My first question is : how can I test this audio card on my Debian
> system ? 

I thought you already tested the sound card, but just the quality was
not good (enough). Did I misunderstand something?

>  Below is the output of
> #cat /dev/sndstat
> **************************
> cat /dev/sndstat
> Sound Driver:3.8.1a-980706 (ALSA v1.0.14rc1 emulation code)

It seems you have alsa installed. What is the output of 'aplay -l'?

The recommended sound system on linux is alsa, nowadays. The command
lists the sound cards available for alsa.

Thinking of it, do you have the right mixing levels set? Those are set
by 'alsamixer'.

Finally, is there any particular reason you run 'sarge' instead of
current 'lenny'? Sarge has been obsoleted by 'etch', which has been
obsoleted by 'lenny' some while ago. My memory already fades of how I
used my audio card in those 'sarge' times ;-)


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