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Re: KDE is now broken (Fwd: Heads-up: KDE4 hitting testing tonight (UTC) )

>> Find your local LUG and ask around.  I can virtually guarantee that there
>> someone with a storage unit full of old hardware they are keeping for some
>> reason.  Even better if you have a local FreeGeek.
> Who would keep all the old hardware? And for what? And it's nothing
> you could rely on.

Geeks would keep that hardware. For what? For the same reason that
Hillary climbed Everest.

> How do you maintain 15 or 30 year old hardware?

Cooling, circuit breakers, relaxed duty cycle. And prayer, if you're into that.

> If you don't buy everything new, you can't put your old hardware into
> storage in working order in case you need it to read some data in 30
> years.

If the issue is saving $20 on a case, then you are just $20 short of
having a working solution. Sounds good to me.

Dotan Cohen


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