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Re: Convert HTML to PDF from CLI?

> I'm just doing an aptitude search (~dhtml ~dpdf !doc), trying to see if
> there's something not considered before in this thread.
> I've never used OpenOffice, but I see unoconv.  Its supposed to be able
> to convert from any file OO can import to any file it can export.  Can
> OO import html and export pdf, with your UTF requirements?

I cannot believe that I forgot about unoconv! Dag from Fedora wrote
it, and I've used it in the past.

Unoconv does require OOo to be running, which I cannot ensure with the
script. But more critically, although opening OOo and converting the
document with "Export as PDF" works fine, the unoconv conversion seems
to have some errors, one of which is critical. I will contact Dag and
see what can be done.


Dotan Cohen


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