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Re: Heads-up: KDE4 hitting testing tonight (UTC)

Sjoerd Hardeman wrote:

> Jonathan Kaye wrote:
>> Adeodato Simó wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> For those following testing, this is just a quick mail to let you know
>>> that KDE4 will become available in Squeeze with tonight's mirror pulse.
>>> (It's KDE 4.2.2, I'm told 4.2.3 will shortly be uploaded to unstable.)
>>> Cheers,
>> Yes, but sadly 4.2 is not hitting squeeze all at once. I got about 6 4.2
>> upgrades today with the results that a lot of my kde apps are no longer
>> functional. The menu items along with their associated icons are gone:
>> kpat, amarok, k3b are 3 of many apps to be affected. I guess this will
>> get sorted in a couple of days but WHY?!? would they release packages
>> piecemeal this way?
> I think there's something else wrong, as I don't see this problem. Yes,
> k3b and amarok are still the 3.5 versions, but yes, they do work and do
> show up in the menu.
> Yakuake was broken however, I took the sid version and installed that one.
> Sjoerd
>> Cheers,
>> Jonathan
No Sjoerd,
You misunderstood me (or I'm misunderstanding you). They show up in the kde
menu ok but the menu of the application itself (or rather the icons of menu
items) don't show up. Most apps are functioning except for the games which
don't function at all (at least not the card games).
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