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Re: DNS lookups in Sid

* Old Crankbuster <crankbuster@gmail.com> [2009-05-17 10:29:04 +0700]:

> Ah.  But this a standard install with no proxy, upgraded to Sid.  The
> difference between this side and that side is that I run bind9 on this
> side as caching nameserver on this box...  Waitaminnit....

For grins, I just reinstalled Lenny on that side, then installed bind9,
bind9-utils, and resolvconf out of the Lenny repo.

Then I added testing and Sid repositories, did a dist-upgrade to Sid:

And it worked.  No further mods necessary to system, working normally.

It's a work-around, crude maybe, but it's working here.

> > 
> > sounds like you might have a proxy config issue ?
> > 

Yep, I had to add bind9 as proxy/caching nameserver to this system, in
order to deal with the provider's broken servers.

and thanks all...

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