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Re: php.ini change: no effect on "Local Value"

On 11.05.09 01:44, Toba wrote:
> I want to set up Joomla! on a server.
> I "leaved" register_globals to "On" in /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini.

why? This should be turned off for some years. Turn it off asap.

> But as Joomla! requires register_globals to "Off", I created a php.ini file in 
> /var/www/joolma (the root directory).

> But no effect when I check phpinfo(): register_globals is still set to "ON" on 
> both Master Value and Local Value.
> Does someone know why? Is my php.ini synthax incorrect? Have I to change 
> something in main php.ini to permit a Local Value change?

php.ini is a system-wide config, php does not use other configs. You can
put php_flag into .htaccess or into apache configuration.

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