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Re: Unexplained changes in Gnome functionality

Gav Ford wrote:

I have conky working fine with Lenny and Gnome, I needed to add the following
to the .conkyrc:

own_window yes
own_window_hints undecorated,below,skip_taskbar
own_window_transparent yes
double_buffer yes

And comment out:

#own_window_type root

Which worked fine under Fluxbox, to stop it vanishing.

Then to get it to start up reliably, I had to add it to the gnome session, via
System > Preferences > Sessions and Add.

Hopefully that helps.


Hi Gav

Thanks for the suggestions - I did have those in the .conkyrc file already (well, with the exception of "own_window_hints undecorated,below,skip_taskbar" which I have now added as well for good measure). Next time I log out and back in again, I'll have to see what happens.

I appreciate your input, thanks. I see that there appeared to be a number of Gnome-related libraries in today's update, so perhaps (magically) some of that will fix the issue.

I'll keep this list posted on developments.

Thanks again to all who have responded to my "tale of woe".

All the best


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