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Re: Unexplained changes in Gnome functionality

> Conky is one issue and a rather minor one at that and rates as an annoyance.
> It may just be that Gnome and Conky don't play nicely together, because 
> trying it out on Fluxbox, Xfce4 and even KDE all is fine.  Gnome however, 
> well that is something I will continue to hack away at.

I have conky working fine with Lenny and Gnome, I needed to add the following
to the .conkyrc:

  own_window yes
  own_window_hints undecorated,below,skip_taskbar
  own_window_transparent yes
  double_buffer yes

And comment out:

  #own_window_type root

Which worked fine under Fluxbox, to stop it vanishing.

Then to get it to start up reliably, I had to add it to the gnome session, via 
System > Preferences > Sessions and Add.

Hopefully that helps.

Gav Ford
I think we need to:  Deflect the sonar deflector

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