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Problem trying to reproduce audio in KDE

Hi all!

Using Twinkle 1.4.2, when trying to establish a connection against the
Asterisk server I obtain the following error message: "Critical: Cannot
open ALSA driver for PCM playback: Device or resource busy".

Audio config for Twinkle is:

Ring tone:   ALSA: plughw:0,0: ICEnsemble ICE1724 (ICE1724)
Speaker:     ALSA: plughw:0,0: ICEnsemble ICE1724 (ICE1724)
Microphone:  ALSA: plughw:0,0: ICEnsemble ICE1724 (ICE1724)

Hardware card:

# lspci|grep audio
01:07.0 Multimedia audio controller: VIA Technologies Inc. VT1720/24
[Envy24PT/HT] PCI Multi-Channel Audio Controller (rev 01)

In KDE Control Center the audio device is set to "Advanced Linux Sound

Is there some way to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance.

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