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Re: Debian's glacial movement--a rant

Harry Rickards wrote:
On 12 May 2009, at 07:42, JoeHill <joehill@teksavvy.com> wrote:

Freddy Freeloader wrote:

Just an update on this. I have asked on #gnucash if the patch for this
bug can be backported to 2.2.6 upstream and they say this is a Debian
problem as it is fixed in Gnucash. They will not do anything to help.

Here's the short conversation from #gnucash.

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<garyk> Is it possible to have the patch for bug #564928 backported to
2.2.6? I have all my business records in gnucash and this bug crashes
gnucash every time I start it. I run Debian and who knows how long it
will take for Debian to catch up. Right now they are almost a year
behind in version numbers.
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<warlord> garyk: you need to ask that of Debian. The GnuCash releases
dont have the bug.
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<garyk> The Debian devs say it needs to be done upstream as they
won't/can't backport the patch. That's why I asked here.

This looks to be the classic answer given by my stepkids when they were
growing up and didn't want to take responsibility for anything: Who's
responsible? Not me..... Not me was responsible for everything done
wrong in our house for a couple of years. I didn't know one person could
get into that much mischief all their own. ;)

Gnucash version 2.2.6 was released July 31, 2008. The fixed version of
Gnucash, 2.2.9 was released February 4, 2009. It's now May 11, 2009 and
counting. The patch for this critical bug was released 3 months ago and
nothing has been done. It's now 5 weeks since I was told I was being a
jerk for saying Debian was slow in moving on this as they were 3
versions, and 9 months, behind. Well, Debian is now 3 versions and 10
months behind, and the patch has been available for 120+ days while the
bug has been archived in Debian since the day after it was reported.

It couldn't be that this critical bug just isn't on anyone's list of
priorities could it?

There were a couple of suggestions made a while back. Just curious, did you try
any of those?

One was to build a patched version of Gnucash yourself, with a patch supplied
by Florian Kulzer along with detailed instrucions on how to build.

Another was to contact Debian backports and ask if anyone there would build a
deb for you.


Sorry if I've got something wrong, I haven't been reading this thread in detail. But, does the OP just require someone to build a gnucash deb package for stable, with the version in unstable? Again, sorry if I'm completely wrong.

Harry Rickards

I don't think so, but I couldn't swear to that. I had one more message from "warlord" on #gnucash last night after I had sent the post to this list. He said that this bug is purely a Debian bug as it was a result of a patch the Debian devs created.

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