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Re: Debian's glacial movement--a rant

Freddy Freeloader wrote: 

> Just an update on this. I have asked on #gnucash if the patch for this 
> bug can be backported to 2.2.6 upstream and they say this is a Debian 
> problem as it is fixed in Gnucash. They will not do anything to help.
> Here's the short conversation from #gnucash.
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> * Topic for #gnucash is: Free GPL Personal and Small Business Accounting 
> || Please don't ask to ask, just ask and wait! || publically-logged 
> channel || latest stable: 2.2.9
> * Topic for #gnucash set by jsled at Wed May 6 07:46:39 2009
> <garyk> Is it possible to have the patch for bug #564928 backported to 
> 2.2.6? I have all my business records in gnucash and this bug crashes 
> gnucash every time I start it. I run Debian and who knows how long it 
> will take for Debian to catch up. Right now they are almost a year 
> behind in version numbers.
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> joined #gnucash
> * warlord-afk is now known as warlord
> <warlord> garyk: you need to ask that of Debian. The GnuCash releases 
> dont have the bug.
> * warlord is now known as warlord-afk
> <garyk> The Debian devs say it needs to be done upstream as they 
> won't/can't backport the patch. That's why I asked here.
> This looks to be the classic answer given by my stepkids when they were 
> growing up and didn't want to take responsibility for anything: Who's 
> responsible? Not me..... Not me was responsible for everything done 
> wrong in our house for a couple of years. I didn't know one person could 
> get into that much mischief all their own. ;)
> Gnucash version 2.2.6 was released July 31, 2008. The fixed version of 
> Gnucash, 2.2.9 was released February 4, 2009. It's now May 11, 2009 and 
> counting. The patch for this critical bug was released 3 months ago and 
> nothing has been done. It's now 5 weeks since I was told I was being a 
> jerk for saying Debian was slow in moving on this as they were 3 
> versions, and 9 months, behind. Well, Debian is now 3 versions and 10 
> months behind, and the patch has been available for 120+ days while the 
> bug has been archived in Debian since the day after it was reported.
> It couldn't be that this critical bug just isn't on anyone's list of 
> priorities could it?

There were a couple of suggestions made a while back. Just curious, did you try
any of those?

One was to build a patched version of Gnucash yourself, with a patch supplied
by Florian Kulzer along with detailed instrucions on how to build.

Another was to contact Debian backports and ask if anyone there would build a
deb for you.


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