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Re: Unexplained changes in Gnome functionality

On Mon, May 11, 2009 at 10:04:47AM +0100, Andrew G wrote:
> 4) Finally, icons from removable media are not being placed on my desktop
> like they used to.  This may well have something to do with UDEV, but beyond
> that I haven't a clue on what's up nor - even more critically - what I can
> do about it.

Just a guess here, but have a look at System>Preferences>Removable Drives
and Media.  I have the first 3 boxes checked. 

* Mount Removable drives when hot-plugged
* Mount removable media when inserted
* Browse removable media when inserted

And everything works fine here (lenny)

As someone else had mentioned there was some discussion about about this
same problem a month or two ago here on this list. 

Daryl Styrk
Naples, FL USA

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