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Re: Sound woes

> Iceweasel itself shouldn't grab the soundcard if your
> not on a site that uses 
> flash for audio. If you close the webpage after listening
> to flash audio the 
> soundcard is still in the "being used" state,
> correct?
> Try these two commands below, which should show what is
> using the soundcard.
> lsof -n | grep /dev/dsp
> lsof | grep /dev/snd

The second command does show (i guess) that FireFox is the thing blocking the soundcard:

$ lsof -n | grep /dev/snd
mixer_app  4559      jen   21u      CHR      116,0      0t0     5715 /dev/snd/controlC0
firefox-b  9631      jen  mem       CHR     116,16              5691 /dev/snd/pcmC0D0p
firefox-b  9631      jen  151u      CHR     116,16      0t0     5691 /dev/snd/pcmC0D0p

Im not sure where that leaves me, though.

> You could also install the alsa-oss package if it's not
> installed, and start 
> Firefox "Iceweasel" on the command line as below,
> which should allow you to 
> use other sound apps.
> aoss firefox

I tried this, but with no effect: restarting FireFox (i.e. Iceweasel) and i get the same thing--i can use other audio apps, until the first time i run an audio Flash app in FireFox, and then nothing else is available.

> I don't know much about pulseaudio, except that it is
> known to be responsible 
> for some problems, which is why I normally remove it, then
> your sound apps 
> use alsa directly.

If Alsa would do a good job with USB audio, id be more than thrilled to use it. I dont need fancy network sharing of my audio streams, or whatever else Pulse does.

Thanks again....



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