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Re: dvd authoring footage from sd camcorder

2009/5/9 Arthur Marsh <arthur.marsh@internode.on.net>:
> Leonardo Canducci wrote, on 2009-04-25 17:57:
>> I have some footage shoot with a jvc hcsd camcorder I'd like to put on
>> a dvd. Every clip is stored as a .mod file that should be a standard
>> mpeg-ps file with ac3 audio. Once renamed as .mpg each clip plays out
>> of the box.
>> I'd just like to: join all clips together and put the whole video on a
>> dvd without re-encoding.

I found a solution at last:
everio .mod files are that were  supposed to be dvd compliant are a mess.
They're not indexed and that causes dvdauthor to fail (VOBU error) and
video aspect is erroneously set as 4:3 in mpeg header, even if clips are
16:9. I couldn't find a way to correct this headers in linux (ffmpeg maybe?)
while it is possible to do so in windows (dvdpatcher or sdcopy).
Anyway I joined all the clips and rebuilt the indexes with avidemux, saved the
dvd compliant file as mpeg-ps and authored with tovid. In the last step I
had to manually edit the .xml file generated with makexml to force aspect
to 16:9 (<video format=”pal” aspect=”16:9″/>). Skipping this step dvdauthor
grabs aspect from video and sets it to 4:3 producing a dvd with wrong aspect.

Leonardo Canducci

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