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Re: Encrypting incoming messages with GnuPG

On 9 May 2009, at 20:03, Dave Patterson <sdpatt2@gmail.com> wrote:

* Dave Patterson <sdpatt2@gmail.com> [2009-05-10 01:34:46 +0700]:

Curious, why are you trying to do the thing with postfix? Seems like an
overly complicated parent for the script.

Postfix won't write the thing to disk either. You can configure postfix
to use procmail for delivery, and procmail will push the mail
through the script to the user.  I don't see the fussing with aliases,
but I don't use tbird :-/

Sorry if I didn't explain clearly enough, but Postfix actually delivers the messages to Dovecot, which I use as an IMAP server. Thunderbird connects to that.

Harry Rickards

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