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Re: Encrypting incoming messages with GnuPG

* Harry Rickards <hrickards@l33tmyst.com> [2009-05-09 18:24:37 +0100]:

> When piping stuff to it from the command line it works fine, but when
> sending a test email to gpmail@l33tmyst.com I get a blank email in
> response. I think this is because /usr/bin/gpmail is being executed as
> the 'nobody' user (I setup a whoami script), and I've setup the GPG keys
> for the 'mail' user. nobody can't use GPG, as it doesn't have a home
> directory, so is there a way to change the user that Postfix pipes
> things to with (to mail or any other user with a home directory)? Thanks
> for all the help.

Curious, why are you trying to do the thing with postfix?  Seems like an
overly complicated parent for the script. 


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