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Re: Thinkpad X61s/x301 hotkeys

Alex Romosan wrote:
I have the same problem with a Thinkpad X301,
the Suspend2Ram/Suspend2Disk buttons ceased to work with some update in
the last two weeks.
on my thinkpad t61p i managed to get the suspend to ram button to work
by editing /etc/acpi/events/sleepbtn and changing

  event=button[ /]sleep


  event=ibm/hotkey HKEY 00000080 00001004

i've tried downgrading acpid and acpi-support but i couldn't get
suspend to ram to work without the above change. i don't care too much
about hibernate so i didn't try to make it work.

This has unfortunately no effect here.
acpi_listen shows events for the other key combinations,
but not for Fn+F4, perhaps it is consumed before ?!

Sid+KDE4 seems to be currently in a bad shape,
if I try suspend2ram via the KDE4 Leave-menu or via s2ram -f
it starts blinking the sleep led
and then only terminates the  KDE4 session and shows the KDM - login window.



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