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Thinkpad X61s hotkeys

Ever since upgrading to the new hal/X.org in sid, I have lost the
hotkeys which did work earlier. Now, there are no symbols for many of
the hotkeys like "Switch display", "Eject", etc. but the two keys that I
care about (sleep and suspend) do have symbols.

When I press them, this is what I see in xev:
keycode 150 = (keysym 0x1008ff2f, XF86Sleep), state = 0x10
keycode 213 = (keysym 0x1008ff10, XF86Standby), state = 0x10

The old system seemed to work based on acpi_fakekey which I suppose is
not the way the new system works. Could someone point me to where I
could start checking ? Most of the documentation online is either
outdated or contradictory. Is acpi-support/acpid still used ?

For the record, it doesn't work in the console either.


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