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Re: X server mishap

I guessed as much, as far as that install being borked. <chuckles> :)

It happens.

Wife relented and let me try out Ububtu, which a friend left a live cd of. So far it seems to run properly. I need to update to version 9.04 later today. And that'll be fun as I've not quite gotten the internet connection sorted out for users. Will need to update via using root
and connecting.

One disadvantage of rural life is lacking options for high speed connections. We make do on dial up but it can be frustrating at times.

"#2.  If you need to change permission of package owned files for good
     with good undersanding, you need to use dpkg-statoverride.
     Otherwise, your next security upgrade may reset your setting."

Okay. Fair enough. Wasn't aware dpkg would be useful in file administration. Been using the wajig script with apt a bit to do updates on the Debian dist. Read about using the chmod with an -R parameter on one those wily fanatical Linux glossy web journals, it was describing the use for another purpose.

As a general question of curiosity, is it worth facing the learning curve to become a systems administrator and programmer? You may offer ball park annual salary figures privately if you wish. I will not disclose anything to anyone, simply because it is only a matter of personal curiosity and reference.

I will keep forging on into the programming and learning either way. But a fellow does wonder. And right now as times stand, it is probably not the best time for reforging oneself, yet I am. That is why I am wanting to know.

The Rute book and my friend's Admin text book are quite exhaustive in the technical aspects. Which leaves plenty of room open for the human aspects. How are they?

- Ben

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