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Re: Is Network-Manager freezing my system?

On Fri, May 8, 2009 at 12:04 PM, thveillon.debian
<thveillon.debian@googlemail.com> wrote:
> Patrick Wiseman wrote:
>> Hi:
>> I have a Lenovo T61p running an amd64 testing system.  Yesterday, my
>> system froze twice, i.e. became completely unresponsive, the caps lock
>> LED flashing, as it does on this machine when it's frozen.  (A quick
>> Google search suggests that's a sign of kernel panic.)  The only
>> remedy is to hold down the power button until it powers down.  The
>> reason I suspect Network-Manager is twofold: (1) the freeze only
>> happened when I had the machine hard-wired to my network, and (2)
>> syslog showed lots of wlan0 activity - trying to connect, being denied
>> a DHCP address - just before the freeze occurs.  Has anyone else had a
>> similar experience?  I don't want to file a bug report against
>> Network-Manager unless I'm pretty sure it's the culprit.
>> Patrick
> Hi,
> it was happening to me with an atheros chip and ath5k module. Removing
> NetworkManager in favor of WICD solved the issue, so I am pretty sure it
> was the trouble maker.
> Before the freezes I used to see a lot of rapid disconnect/connect
> cycles in the logs.
> This first happened on an Ubuntu Intrepid box (wife's box), and the
> issue is still there in "Jaunty", so it would be no surprise that it
> shows up in Debian too. At the time Ub forums were full of likewise
> experiences with various wifi chips, in almost every case shifting to
> WICD solved the problem...

Thanks - I'll try that.


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