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Is Network-Manager freezing my system?


I have a Lenovo T61p running an amd64 testing system.  Yesterday, my
system froze twice, i.e. became completely unresponsive, the caps lock
LED flashing, as it does on this machine when it's frozen.  (A quick
Google search suggests that's a sign of kernel panic.)  The only
remedy is to hold down the power button until it powers down.  The
reason I suspect Network-Manager is twofold: (1) the freeze only
happened when I had the machine hard-wired to my network, and (2)
syslog showed lots of wlan0 activity - trying to connect, being denied
a DHCP address - just before the freeze occurs.  Has anyone else had a
similar experience?  I don't want to file a bug report against
Network-Manager unless I'm pretty sure it's the culprit.


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