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Debian squeeze (testing) dns problems


I hope there will be some suggestions for this. This is a single-user 
box, managed by an amateur (me).  This is surprising and baffling; it 
makes me suspect I've made some basic error in configuration, but I 
can't find it.

My newly installed squeeze has problems with DNS.  Specificially, Emacs 
gnus and evolution cannot reliably find their respective servers.  

If I configure the applications with 'pop-server.triad.rr.com', for 
example, they report that they cannot find the server.  But if I 
configure them with the IP of the server,they work OK.

OTOH iceweasel works fine.

As far as I can tell, nslookup, ping, and host work as expected.  

A lenny install on the same hardware works fine.

Things I've already tried:

Configuring applications with IP rather that URL of server. Works

Changing the name-servers in /etc/resolv.conf--makes no difference.

Reinstalling squeeze with a later netinst cd--makes no difference.

Hugh Lawson

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