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Re: squeeze, dns, fetchmail error

Bhasker C V <bhasker@unixindia.com> writes:

> On Wed, 6 May 2009, Hugh Lawson wrote:

> > fetchmail: couldn't find canonical DNS name of pop-server.triad.rr.com
> > (pop-server.triad.rr.com): Name or service not known
> > fetchmail: Query status=11 (DNS)

Bhasker C V:
>   Is all the DNS servers in the resolv.conf correctly reporing the
> name resolution ? 

Yes. Judging by the output of nslookup and ping.

> Alternatively:
>   You can install strace and check 

I tried this, but the output was over my head.  Another thing. The
fetchmail (and gnus) problem is intermittent. Most of the time I get
the error as above, but now and then fetchmail works as expected.

Remember that this error occurs in a trial install of squeeze.  On the
same hardware my lenny install, which I'm using now, works fine.

I suspect some misconfiguration of the squeeze system as it relates to
dns for applications.

Hugh Lawson

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