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Re: Wine and itunes

Christopher Judd wrote: 

> 	My son is fed up with Windows and wants to purge it from his system, 
> and run ubuntu or debian.  The only thing holding him back at this time 
> is itunes.  Like most teenagers, he uses it regularly and has a rather 
> large itunes library.  Does anyone have experience running a recent 
> version of itunes (preferably 8.something) in wine on a debian box?
> I've done some looking online, but haven't found a definite answer.  I 
> tried it with the package in experimental on my box at work (which is 
> amd64), but was not successful.  I have a 32 bit system at home that I 
> can try it on.

i just tried (again) to install iTunes under Wine (latest version available,
built from source), and it failed (again). I've seen reports that with a patched
version of Wine it will work, or that if you use an older version of iTunes it
might work. I have never personally seen it work, and I've tried a lot of times.

I use gtkpod with my 5th gen Classic, and I've never had one single problem. Of
course, I cannot access the iTunes music store.


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