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Re: Wine and itunes

Christopher Judd wrote :
> Hi,
> 	My son is fed up with Windows and wants to purge it from his system, 
> and run ubuntu or debian.  The only thing holding him back at this time 
> is itunes.  Like most teenagers, he uses it regularly and has a rather 
> large itunes library.  Does anyone have experience running a recent 
> version of itunes (preferably 8.something) in wine on a debian box?
> I've done some looking online, but haven't found a definite answer.  I 
> tried it with the package in experimental on my box at work (which is 
> amd64), but was not successful.  I have a 32 bit system at home that I 
> can try it on.
> -Chris


if your son is fed up with proprietary systems, then he should consider
moving away from proprietary music too... Now the Apple music store is
selling unprotected music (without drms, those tunes are known as "+" on
the store), but most older songs you own must be protected. What I did
for my mother, who was an Itunes addict and moved to Ubuntu, is spending
a lot of time burning the tunes in audio format to cdrw, then importing
it again in Ubuntu to free them from drms. It is possible to "upgrade"
the drmised songs to "+" non drmised ones from Itunes, but it is expensive.
There is legal music available on-line that doesn't come with drm.

Regarding Itunes, if it's absolutely necessary to use it, the only way
to do so would be to use the windows license to setup a minimal virtual
system in kvm or Virtualbox (to name a few of the many available
solutions). The host computer will have to be powerful enough, and all
annoyances of windows will still "virtually" be there. But if it's the
only thing keeping him away from free operating systems...


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